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The aim of SWPS University’s Design Space is to provide high quality educational content focused on the field of design, including product, communication, domestic and fashion design as well as architecture. Design Space explains what characterizes good design and how designers can meet the needs of product users. Here, readers will find high quality professional content, developed by design experts, and available in the form of blog posts, a newsletter and a discussion group on Facebook.


SWPS University’s Design Space Blog is the central hub of the project. Authors of the blog include lecturers of SWPS University’s School of Form and design experts from Poland and other countries. Staff writers include:

  • dr Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka – Artistic Director and co-author of the teaching program offered at School of Form, design critic, journalist, commentator, and curator of numerous exhibitions of Polish design
  • dr Oskar Zięta – world-renowned Polish designer
  • Mateusz Halawa - respected sociologist and anthropologist
  • Zuzanna Skalska – trendwatcher and co-founder of School of Form

The blog is also a platform for presenting the best projects designed by students and graduates of School of Form.

The blog offers five thematic design categories: communication, domestic, fashion, industrial, and architecture, which are aligned with the study programs and specializations offered by School of Form.


Readers of the blog may subscribe to a newsletter to stay current with the newest articles and events offered by SWPS University’s Design Space.

Design Space Facebook Group

Additionally, we invite you to join SWPS University’s Design Space on Facebook. It is a place where the members of the community may share and find inspiration, network with people who are interested in design, exchange information, discuss design issues and ask questions. You will also find updates on our latest blog posts and on various events, on Facebook.
Thank you for your interest.